The Need for Long-Term Care Planning

Aug 03,2015

The Need for Long-Term Care Planning

Many people are under the impression that long-term care planning is not necessary or that it is only needed by those individuals approaching older age. The reality is that due to a disability or the aftermath of a sudden accident, people of all ages might sometimes find themselves in need of long-term care services. In fact, many leading long-term care insurance companies have had claims filed by individuals in their late 20’s after an unexpected medical incident or accident left them in need of serious care.  […]

Even a nursing home stay that lasts several months can deplete the savings of an older individual or couple very rapidly. Too many families face this challenge today, discovering that a lack of planning raises a lot of questions about care and especially how it will be financed. shutterstock_89945329

This is why any adult should consider how long-term care planning can help plan for the future. Even an initial planning session can reveal some gaps in your knowledge and empower you with the tools to make those critical decisions about your own future. The more questions you are able to answer now, the easier it will be for you to broach these issues down the road if necessary. Waiting too long can put a financial burden on you or your family members or leave a spouse struggling with the best way to manage your care. Eliminate or minimize these concerns by thinking ahead about how you would finance long-term care and whether you have any specific wishes that should be documented and discussed with your family members.

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