Planning Ahead for Healthcare Decisions

Jul 27,2015

Planning Ahead for Healthcare Decisions

There are two important keys for factoring in healthcare decisions late in life. These are the living will and a healthcare proxy. They not only provide directions for someone’s care, but they also keep decisions from being made in expensive court proceedings.  […]shutterstock_237162238

A living will clarifies a person’s health care decisions, but states do vary in how customized such a document can be. As a general guideline, these documents address the person’s wishes if he or she was to be diagnosed with a terminal illness or sudden in a vegetative state.

A trusted agent can be used to help manage a living will and healthcare proxy. The proxy allows for either very specific declarations regarding care or general guidelines that an agent might consider in the process of administering what he or she plans to do.

A special needs trust might also be used for management by an agent to supplement any public benefits and coordinate for future planning with Medicaid. If you have questions about how to use these documents appropriately and the important process of selecting your agent, contact us today. A consultation can help you learn about potential estate planning tools that will benefit you now and in the future.  To schedule your consultation, contact us at or (732) 521-9455.

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