What to Do When Your Elderly Parents Move in With You

Jan 22,2015

More and more, elderly parents are moving in with their grown children. With the increasing costs of nursing homes, this makes financial sense for many people. But what should you and your parents do to prepare for such a dramatic move? (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Issues that must be considered range from the financial to the […]

Planning Checklist for A Money Conversation With an Aging Parent

Jan 15,2015

Even in the tightest of families, talking about money can make anyone nervous. If you’ve got an aging parent, though, it’s a wise idea to schedule a time to sit down and discuss critical issues with your loved one.  Come prepared with a list of what you’d like to discuss. This can help keep you […]

3 Policies That Might Influence Your Plans to Retire

Jun 12,2014

There’s a flurry of activity in D.C. lately that might have an influence on your retirement plans. The proposed Obama budget has some important considerations inside for IRAs and Social Security. To start with, the plan suggests “harmonizing” required minimum distribution rules making mandatory RMDs for Roth IRAs after the individual passes age 70 ½. […]

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