Asset Protection Planning

PRENUPS AND MEDICAID – What you need to know about the impact of prenups on Medicaid planning

Aug 17,2015

Generally a prenuptial agreement states that what each spouse brings to the marriage remains their separate property. While there is some question of the enforceability of these agreements in New Jersey, it is always a good idea for parties to contractually agree to work out the details in advance. This becomes especially significant when one […]

What is Medicaid Pre-Planning?

Feb 04,2015

There are two main approaches to Medicaid planning. The first is known as crisis planning, where an individual is facing the risk of losing all their assets by paying for care in a facility. The second refers to planning ahead of time and this is known as pre-planning. If you are healthy enough, one popular […]

3 Steps for Baby Boomers Without a Plan

Feb 02,2015

While every mentally competent individual over the age of 18 should have an estate plan in place, it is especially important that Baby Boomers without a plan begin to put something together. A recent article offers several estate-planning strategies for baby boomers to begin planning: 1. Create a Will and Trust: No matter what type […]

Top Beneficiary Mistakes: Part Two

Jan 28,2015

The bad news is that there are enough beneficiary mistakes to warrant two blog posts. The good news is that all of these are preventable with just a little planning. Let’s take a look at some of the other common errors you might be making with beneficiaries and what you should do instead. Mistake #4: […]

Top Beneficiary Mistakes: Part One

Jan 27,2015

Too often, the process of naming a beneficiary gets overlooked as the “easy part” of estate planning, but this also means that many mistakes can lead to problems down the line. Here is part one of the most common mistakes made in the process of naming a beneficiary. Tune in tomorrow for another post on […]

Living Trusts: The Importance of Proper Funding

Jan 19,2015

If you have decided to use a trust to pass on your assets, this can be an exciting decision that gives you peace of mind about the firmness of your plans. If you don’t ensure that the trust is properly funded, however, it’s unlikely that your trust is going to carry out the plans that […]

Preventing End of Life Costs from Destroying Your Estate

May 03,2014

It’s very rare that anybody has covered all possible risks in terms of their wealth management when it comes to income and cash flow, guaranteed income, cash, investments, and the connection between long term care and your estate. If you skip planning for long term care expenses, you may find that your other wealth management […]

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