Aging In Place

Attorneys at Shah & Associates are offering a course on Elder Law in Monroe on October 13th!

Sep 26,2015

Monroe Township Community Education Topic – Elder Law – Guide to Paying for Long-Term Care Costs Fall 2015 Brochure

The Fifteen Best Countries for Overseas Retirement in 2014

Jun 12,2014

It is not uncommon for Americans to spend significant time away from their home state in order to take advantage of more favorable living conditions. Be it to live for less, for diversity investments, or to simply enjoy one last adventure, more and more Americans are choosing to retire abroad. A recent article discusses the […]

Guardianship for a Family Member With Alzheimer’s

May 29,2014

May was celebrated as Elder Law Month, and as the baby boomer generation ages, guardianship of an elder may be a growing concern. Although guardianship is most often discussed regarding minor children, it can be a helpful tool for older family members, too. One in three people age 65 or older will contract some form […]

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