CONTRACT TO MAKE A WILL – How to ensure that children from a previous marriage receive their rightful inheritances!

Aug 24,2015

NJ has adopted the Uniform Probate Code Section 2-701 which allows for spouses to contract to make a will. This is especially helpful in situations where there may be some concern that the surviving spouse might change his or her Last Will and Testament after the death of the first spouse. This is typically seen […]

Federal Benefit Programs – What you need to know about those programs that can affect the elderly

Aug 20,2015

There are five principal federal government benefit programs: Medicare – this is a program that provides health insurance for Americans aged 65 and older who have worked and paid into the system. Medicare Part A pays for hospital, limited home health and skilled nursing facilities and Hospice care for the aged and disabled; Supplemental Medical […]

PRENUPS AND MEDICAID – What you need to know about the impact of prenups on Medicaid planning

Aug 17,2015

Generally a prenuptial agreement states that what each spouse brings to the marriage remains their separate property. While there is some question of the enforceability of these agreements in New Jersey, it is always a good idea for parties to contractually agree to work out the details in advance. This becomes especially significant when one […]

Trustees of Special Needs Trusts: What You Need to Know When Selecting Your Trustees!

Aug 12,2015

Do you have a special needs individual in your immediate or extended family? If so, consider setting up a third party Supplemental Needs Trust for the benefit of this individual so that any money coming to him or her can be deposited into this trust. The trust money can then supplement government benefits without jeopardizing […]

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