Top Beneficiary Mistakes: Part One

Jan 27,2015

Too often, the process of naming a beneficiary gets overlooked as the “easy part” of estate planning, but this also means that many mistakes can lead to problems down the line. Here is part one of the most common mistakes made in the process of naming a beneficiary. Tune in tomorrow for another post on […]

What to Do When Your Elderly Parents Move in With You

Jan 22,2015

More and more, elderly parents are moving in with their grown children. With the increasing costs of nursing homes, this makes financial sense for many people. But what should you and your parents do to prepare for such a dramatic move? (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Issues that must be considered range from the financial to the […]

Using Communication To Make Estate Planning Easier

Jan 19,2015

Estate planning is a valuable exercise at just about any stage of life, but an often-overlooked aspect of planning has to do with communicating the results to those impacted in the future. Failing to communicate your plans reduces the chances of having family members with difficult questions or unresolved conflicts down the road. Even families […]

Living Trusts: The Importance of Proper Funding

Jan 19,2015

If you have decided to use a trust to pass on your assets, this can be an exciting decision that gives you peace of mind about the firmness of your plans. If you don’t ensure that the trust is properly funded, however, it’s unlikely that your trust is going to carry out the plans that […]

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