Benefits of Selecting an Elder Law Attorney

Jul 13,2015

Benefits of Selecting an Elder Law Attorney

As more baby boomers are crossing into the retirement divide each day, the need for an elder care lawyer is only growing. Older individuals have many different challenges to contend with, chief among them being healthcare and estate planning. shutterstock_265829186

Good counsel with experience in elder care will be beneficial in many different ways, including disability and social security issues, asset transfer, long-term care, and estate and trust work. Finding someone with experience in the field ensures that all your questions are answered properly and that you feel confident about the future.

Before hiring an elder care attorney, ask about qualifications: how long has the attorney been focused on elder law? Will your case be handled by the individual attorney or a team? Is the attorney interested in building a relationship with you to help address all of your elder law concerns now and down the road? These are critical questions that should be answered at the outset of your interaction with such an individual.

Finding the right match for you is a mix of experience and personality. Since you may need assistance with numerous elder law issues over the course of the coming years, make sure you find someone you can trust who has an opinion you value.

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